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First I would like to give you a unique experience I had with Dr. Santhosh Babu, then MD, ELCOT & CEO, TNEGA, Government of Tamil Nadu, whom I met in 2009 when I went to participate in the inauguration of the Virtual Contact Centre and Rural Business Hub at Hosur FOSTeRA (Fostering Technologies in Rural Areas), a rural BPO conceptualized by him when he was the District Collector, Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu, at Sanasandiram, Chennathur Panchayat, Hosur Block. Dr. Santhosh Babu and his team had enabled training and employment of youth of 10th std and above dropouts into skilled BPO workers for subsequent employment in rural BPOs that they had set up.
Apart from this contribution to Krishnagiri district, Dr. Santhosh Babu had become known in the district for reducing school dropouts. Dr. Santhosh Babu had made a unique and innovative intervention in realizing the goal of virtually near zero dropout in the district by application of technology, community partnership and detailed diagnosis of the problem. I was astonished to see the richness of data in the software developed by Dr Santhosh Babu The methodology he has used precisely brought out what is needed by the student and his family. District Administration arranged to provide those needs immediately.
For example, a girl named Nirmala, Krishnagiri district, dropped out from the school number of times in-spite of best efforts of district authorities. On detailed enquiry it was found the girl?s family needed a ration card, a house and a job for the mother. The district authorities provided a ration card, house, as a part of the Indira Awas Yojna and a government job for mother as a noon-meal worker. The child was admitted in Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya in the 6th Class. Once the Collector arranged provision of these three items, the girl started going to the school regularly.
She has now successfully completed 10th class in a craft school in Bangalore. The message was, one has to go into the details of why a child was dropping out the school. Having established the reason, we have to remove the cause and facilitate the child to revert back to the school. This action has been taken very effectively by Shri Santhosh Babu and his team leading to rapid reduction in school dropouts. This example demonstrates that a committed civil service officer with passion can definitely make a difference to societal well-being and overall happiness using technology."

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